Pros and Cons of Freelancing

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Freelancing has become a steady growing work field over the last ten years for pretty much any and everyone all over the world. We always see the heavy promised perks and advantages of working on our own from home or anywhere you see fit, but what about the not so wanted hiccups and upsets that come along as well? Lets take a look below at Delux Designs (DE), LLC list of ten pros and cons of freelancing.


  1. Very Demanding: Freelancing can become very, very demanding based on your location and your total amount of clients. You will hustle literally for the work you’ve put in. You will work way more hours throughout the week than you may believe starting off.
  2. Procrastination Bugs: Yes, you do have complete freedom as a freelancer, but if you don’t stay on top of things that freedom can harm your business endeavors overtime. The ample amounts of freedom with freelancers often times lead to procrastination. No one is there to tell you when to go to work and when to clock in, so it’s very easy to take advantage of and ruin that freedom.
  3. Steady Paychecks are History: With freelancing, you won’t be receiving a traditional paycheck as you would with a traditional job position. Pay may come in drags sometimes, and consistent on other occasions. This means there is also no financial security here as well, unless you’ve been consistently putting in the work to allow a steady cash flow overtime.
  4. Public Backlash: The main thing that you will find out once you become a freelancer, or really begin to work any position from home is that it seems like many people don’t like it at all for some reason. Don’t know if it’s jealousy or what, but you will be accused of being lazy… a lot while on your freelance journey.
  5. Anxiety and Overwhelm: When things really get going on your freelance journey, you may experience high levels of anxiety and maybe even overwhelm with the amount of work you have to get done on your own before specific deadlines. There will be sleepless nights and some sacrifices that will have to be made.


  1. More Creativity Opportunities: Even though this field is really demanding, you will have an ample amount of creative opportunities and variety to take part in, along with being able to do a lot of the work you’re truly interested in.
  2. Freedom: You have the freedom to come and go as you please. You are the authority of your career and you are the boss so there is no time sheet to punch into everyday. You make your schedule.
  3. Additional Experience for Resume: Remember those jobs that only pay commission or based on how many sales you’re making overtime? Well, congratulations, you got the job! With freelancing, comes new skills of selling and marketing, which makes you the perfect candidate.
  4. Self-Discipline: With freelancing, you will learn either upfront and easy, or overtime the hard way what self-discipline is. Learning this skill and trait will always be of help in all areas of life including financially and emotionally.
  5. Organizational Growth: Overtime, you will begin to learn more effective and productive ways of organizing your life and your business.

As you can see, freelancing is not as simple as one would think. There is a lot more that comes with it just like any other job position traditionally. Take the bad with the good and just learn from each issue that arises. For DE starting off ten years ago, once we ran into a problem we would find a good solution to fix the issue before moving forward. Some were with how we were going about our freelancing and some were caused by other people or situations we had no control over. Don’t get discouraged, keep going. We guarantee for every con of freelancing, there are five pros, and there are no cons that other previous freelancers haven’t already seen and been through on their journeys as well.

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