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Music Listening Series

Douglas, Keara. Music Listening Collection. Mixed Media. 2015 – 2018. Delux Designs (DE), LLC newest painting series collection is based off of listening to music albums from various music artists including all genres of music. Our Music Listening Painting Series is a series of acrylic expressions created from highlighting the use of layers throughout each…… Continue reading Music Listening Series

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Friendship Friday while Blogging with DE

Everyday in our newest Facebook Group, Blogging with DE, we host a specific theme thread for our readers, members and subscribers to take part in for more blog engagement or views daily. We have found by doing these threads daily, it keeps everyone informed on not only what is going on with each other’s blogs but…… Continue reading Friendship Friday while Blogging with DE


Da Vinci Paint Co. December Watercolor Giveaway!

Check out this awesome giveaway from Doodlewash just in time for the holidays! Included is Da Vinci Paint set 100% FREE for one lucky winner! ENTER HERE For continuous updates on all artwork, art events and much more follow our social media page links show below. Thanks for your support everyone! Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest…… Continue reading Da Vinci Paint Co. December Watercolor Giveaway!

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Holiday Commissions Are Open!

Looking for a unique and creative gift for your family and friends this upcoming Christmas season? DE Commission paintings are now open! Commissions are custom paintings created by hand from DE upon request. These are not like our regular paintings that we already have on hand and pre-painted before purchase. Commissions are done to for…… Continue reading Holiday Commissions Are Open!

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#DEArTour – 17 Art Galleries To Visit in the Southeast

A while back, I set out to visit as many art galleries as possible. No real goal. No real amount of galleries. Just interesting places that inspired me to create my own artwork. Check out some of the galleries I have visited so far from the year of 2014 to right now in 2017 including…… Continue reading #DEArTour – 17 Art Galleries To Visit in the Southeast


Hahnemühle Paper & 6 Tubes of Da Vinci Watercolors Giveaway

ENTER THE SEPTEMBER DOODLEWASH® GIVEAWAY!! Enter Here Giveaway Ends September 22, 2017 If you are interested in partnering with Delux Designs (DE), LLC through our site affiliation program, email us at or with the subject header “Affiliation Program” for more information on signing up. More information on site affiliations can be found here,…… Continue reading Hahnemühle Paper & 6 Tubes of Da Vinci Watercolors Giveaway

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I Needed Color with Actor Jim Carrey

Recently finding out and learning that well known, award winning actor Jim Carey is not only a great actor, but an amazing painter has been very surprising and refreshing. I guess most of the time when we get so used to seeing a person as one way and one way only, we believe that is…… Continue reading I Needed Color with Actor Jim Carrey

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DE Twitter Art Chat!

Q: What is a twitter chat? A: Twitter chats are like virtual meet and greets, networking events online. They are used to bring tweeters together to discuss topics either related to careers, non-profits, causes, cultures, and much more all expense free for you, the reader. Since our increased engagement on twitter, we have been participating…… Continue reading DE Twitter Art Chat!


How To Copyright Your Artwork Like A Pro

We would like to take this time to send a special thank you to Copyright Alliance for featuring our brand on their site for their 5 question weekly interview series! We appreciate the love and support shown and are extremely grateful for the opportunity! Copyright Alliance is a unified community that advocates for policies that…… Continue reading How To Copyright Your Artwork Like A Pro