DeluxEdition – The Sinner

Photography provided by Giphy The Sinner touches a lot on Mental Health with a suspenseful and drama approach. Starring Jessica Biel, The Sinner is about a young woman who is a wife and mother, struggling to cope with PTSD and severe depression. Her disorders came from a childhood of traumatic experiences. This is a really…… Continue reading DeluxEdition – The Sinner

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Affiliate Spotlight – Horkey Handbook

Horkey Handbook was introduced to me through our handy social media platform Twitter. Earlier this year, I was having a very rough time managing my design orders, along with managing my time throughout the day to get things done and organized better for me. So when I came across Gina Horkey’s website Horkey Handbook, I…… Continue reading Affiliate Spotlight – Horkey Handbook

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Affiliate Spotlight – Horkey HandBook Prize Giveaway!

Gina from Horkey Handbook has an amazing giveaway opportunity available for anyone to signup right now! Gina’s Favorite Things Giveaway includes $991 worth of prizes. Some include the SELF Journal goal Setting Planner, Bean Box Coffee 3 month subscription, and more! There are only a few more hours left for this exciting giveaway so click…… Continue reading Affiliate Spotlight – Horkey HandBook Prize Giveaway!