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2019 will be your year.
Yes, YOU! This will be your year.

Photography provided by Giphy

The year you say no to what you don’t want and the year you say yes to greatness.

During the year of 2018, a lot happened.
This seemed to be the year of self-care and self-realizations as well for me.
2019 is a goal year.

One year that will be filled with accomplishments from long term goals and ambitions.
But in order for this happen, I must go through that phase of sacrificing.
Saying no to the things that no longer bring a positive benefit in my life.
For the next 30 days starting December 01, 2019, a prompt will be posted as a daily affirmation towards #TheYearofNo.


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Join us in speaking great things into existence while also declaring our freedom from those things that are sabotaging our greatness from happening.

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