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Wow! Can you believe we are already in November of 2017?! This year seemed to have flew by, as we are only ONE month away from the upcoming new year! With this being November, we wanted to start a new journal activity pertaining to giving thanks and gratitude to those things and people that we are thankful and grateful for in celebration of Thanksgiving being this month. Our last journal activity #SheHeals was a couple months ago so we figured we were due for a new one and this is the perfect time for it. We have decided to go with For The Scribes’ #WeBeGrateful: 30 Journal Prompts for Gratitude that was started around this time last year. Just like our last journal challenge, this will be online journal entries through our blog site for the entire month, once a day. Anyone is welcome to comment of leave your thoughts in our comment section at the bottom of each journal entry. For more information on how you can join in with this activity, and for even more journal activities visit For The Scribes!

Day 1: List 5 ways you can share your gratitude today. 

A1: Five ways I can share my gratitude today is by saying thank you when someone opens or holds a door for me while I’m out in public, use yes ma’am or yes sir when speaking with my elders throughout the day, using my car signals as a common courtesy when switching lanes through traffic while driving throughout today to keep others around me safe, share friend’s and family’s posts that are business owners themselves or event planners with upcoming events for the end of the year for others around me to take part in, and by saying my grace before meals along with my prayers when I awoke today and when I plan to go to sleep at the end of the day.

Thanks for reading everyone, see ya tomorrow for our next post!

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