You Don’t Need Their Approval

Lets face it, everyone will not like your artwork. This should be a given, but just as a friendly reminder, your artwork will not appeal to everyone that you come into contact with, but that does not mean you actually need their approval anyways. You should be creating for you, not anyone else, even when completing requested commissions. Your artwork should show your own style preference, not the style of another artist just because it looks good.

During previous encounters, I have had some clients who would want me to create artwork the exact same as other artists. This not only burned me out literally from trying to copy styles all day, but it also took away from who I truly was and how I truly wanted to create. It prohibited me from having freedom while creating because I always knew it would be compared to another artist that wasn’t even the same style designer or artist as me. There have been times where I have lost clients and money simply because I refuse to copy another artist’s work which we should all know is bad and illegal but hey, people will try anything these days.

Today, I want you to focus on not listening to those around you who keep trying to tell you how to be an artist. All of us joined the art community in search of freedom more than anything, the ability to be able to create freely without being hovered over and told what to do. Today, take that control back. Remember you are the artist, not them. You know what is best for you and your artwork. Just think for example, the main person who is giving you a hard time and doubting your creative skills probably doesn’t even know the difference between a pastel and regular chalk material, so why take advice and listen to that negativity from someone who has no knowledge in your field anyways?

Keep creating everyone! I am rooting for you and believe in your creative abilities!

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