#DEBlackHistory – Black Faith

Photography provided by Giphy The fifth day of #DEBlackHistory topic is faith in which we are paying homage to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. from Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. King was a minister who became one of the biggest civil rights activists to play one of the biggest roles in ending the segregation of African Americans…… Continue reading #DEBlackHistory – Black Faith


#DEBlackHistory 2018 – #BlackBlogsMatter Challenge

Starting Thursday, February 01, 2018 we will begin our month long segment of #DEBlackHistory for February. One way we are keeping up with everything is by following along with the #BlackBlogsMatter Challenge with The Buzz on HR! This is a 28-day long social media challenge in which we will be posting daily about each theme…… Continue reading #DEBlackHistory 2018 – #BlackBlogsMatter Challenge

Delux Designs

I Needed Color with Actor Jim Carrey

Recently finding out and learning that well known, award winning actor Jim Carey is not only a great actor, but an amazing painter has been very surprising and refreshing. I guess most of the time when we get so used to seeing a person as one way and one way only, we believe that is…… Continue reading I Needed Color with Actor Jim Carrey


Is Your Faith Really Helping Your Mental Health?

Growing up in the South (the southern part of the Carolina’s specifically), I know all too well how strongly your faith and religion can play a part in pretty much everything that you do. From what you wear, to how you handle situations throughout life, your religion may be the only go to some will…… Continue reading Is Your Faith Really Helping Your Mental Health?


Series Painting – Bag Lady Collection [Secure]

The Bag Lady collection has a new edition to it titled Secure. This particular piece goes along with the Insecurities painting that was talked about in our previous post. Secure (left image) — Insecurities (right image) Secure, which is shown on the left hand side, is pretty much the same as Insecurities on the right. There are…… Continue reading Series Painting – Bag Lady Collection [Secure]