#31DaysSheHeals – Day 10

Day 10: What have you not been able to forgive yourself for and why?
A10: The one thing that I can’t seem to be able to forgive myself for is not pursuing my college educational dreams of attending Clark-Atlanta University when I had the chance to do so. I don’t know why, but I love that school for some reason. I remember graduating from high school and having my mind set on an HBCU university to pursue an art degree of some sort. My top two picks were Howard University and Clark-Atlanta University. Clark-Atlanta was a better choice for me because it was closer to my home state of South Carolina, you know just in case something went wrong with me being on my own for the first time, but Howard has always been THAT dream school. Even though Howard was a first choice for me, I did not have the funds to attend a university of such, plus it was too far away from home with me being so young…and dumb lol. I was still going through that phase of being easily influenced in a way, plus making careless decisions from time to time. Basically a whole lot of excuses at this point now that I think about it. In my mind, if I attended an HBCU for art, the professors would truly touch on black art, unlike the PWI’s who only touched on classical art mostly….pretty much everything but minority based artwork. Till this day, I probably will never forgive myself for not sticking with my plans. Maybe one day, I will make up for the lost time and opportunities.

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