#31DaysSheHeals – Day 11

Day 11: Is there a specific relationship, friendship, or even job that has been causing you pain?
A11: There is not a specific relationship nor friendship causing me pain. Wow. That felt great to even type. Most of the time the most typical problem people face today are relationship problems, and I’m happy to say I am not one of those people at this current moment. I know I have spoken on relationship problems in the previous days of #31DaysofSheHeals, but all that were spoken on were from at least two-three years ago. It has been a long time coming for me to even be in this position to say that everything relationship wise with my significant other and my friendships with my brothers and sisters are doing very well right now, and I’m very happy about that. But my job is causing me pain right now. Not necessarily a specific job, but having to work these dead end jobs are the real problem. Every time I clock into work, I know I’m not supposed to be there. You know how you can be sitting at work, or standing cleaning something up after an aggravating customer has come in with no home training and tore the entire store apart, and think to yourself, “there are so many other more important things I could be doing right now….“? Well that is me with my job situation right now. I know I was not created to work these dead end 9-5 jobs. To be honest, the only reason they get any hours out of me is for insurance purposes and proof of income for bigger purchases in the future, like cars and houses for example. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with working a 9-5, trust me you go out and get your money if that is a money option you enjoy over others. If you enjoy your job, and more importantly if you enjoy the people you work with, then stick with it and flourish. But for me, it is not something that I enjoy. Thankfully, I was given another opportunity, and I am taking the steps to fix this and improve my money making situation right now. It won’t be easy working a 9-5, plus being an entrepreneur, and being a full time college student in the next week or so, but I’m ready for this ride again.

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