#31DaysSheHeals – Day 22

Day 22: What are some things that are going right in your life?
A22: My entrepreneurship endeavors are going well in my life right now. Ironically, the day I decided to not post that much about my endeavors, dreams and even some of my accomplishments including showing off every single design I create, the more opportunities began to roll in for me which meant way more design work orders than I could ever imagine this year. DE now spans over ten different states apart of the United States, including Jamaica. DE has just started to fully build our natural hair care sister site DeluxHair and we just built a complete team of ladies from all over the world including the UK to help push our brand and set some great things up for the upcoming year. Along with that our non-profit Education Expo is doing fairly well. There are some things that need to be adjusted, but things seem to be doing really good in that area. Last but definitely not least, we began a mental health awareness segment that we do every Monday called #MentalHealthMondays where we bring awareness of mental disorders and complications of the African American community or audience. Great things are happening over at DE this year!

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