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Delux Designs (DE), LLC recently sat down and spoke with Detroit, MI artist Miosha Page for our latest #DEArTalk session for September 2020.
Check out what we discussed and her views on art below:

Photography provided by @artbymieauxsha

My name is Miosha Page (Art By Mieauxsha) and I am from Detroit, MI but I live in Los Angeles, CA currently. My art style is in between traditional (like portraits) and more animated (like cartoons). In every art piece I create, I always include 6 areas on the face that are distinctive to my style: blush on the cheeks, nose, nose bridge, under the nose, and under the chin.

I began my art journey as a child.
My first art book was a book I drew of flowers at age 6. My parents always encouraged my art, so I took a lot of classes in and outside of school from middle school to high school. After that I decided to learn art on my own and just do what felt was right to me. I’ve had several times in my adult life where I’ve tried to focus only on art but I would always be discouraged or felt like an imposter because I didn’t study art in college. This year is the first (year 25 of life for me!) where I’ve felt confident enough to pursue art as a permanent gig. With everything happening in the world, people close to me going through such difficult situations, 2020 is showing us that not everything we expect and want is promised, I decided that I needed to take my art by the reins and follow my dream without contest and worry.

Photography provided by @artbymieauxsha

I attended the University of Michigan Ann Arbor where I received my BA in African American Studies. My love for black femme identities and celebrating all of our uniquenesses, quirks, and beauties. Often times black femme people are pushed so far into the margins and then others who don’t even experience what we experience speak for us in their own art. I feel like it’s important for me as an artist to showcase what MY identity actually looks like instead of allowing someone else to do it for me. Secondly, I want to motivate others and create a community where artists feel supported and loved. Lastly, my biggest motivator is my partner and my family and friends who have spent so much time promoting my art and helping with supplies. Without them I wouldn’t even be able to create art.

Photography provided by @artbymieauxsha

My art goals are to (1) continue to create despite my own doubts and be persistent and strong enough to continue on, (2) to create a thriving art business where I’m able to share my art with tons of people, (3) teach art and advocate for it as an essential part of education. I want to inspire students and let them know that art isn’t just a hobby or waste of time, it’s a viable and lively talent that deserves acceptance and support.

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