Artist Called Paris

Photography provided by Samantha Paris Estes

Delux Designs (DE), LLC recently sat down and spoke with Boston, MA artist Samantha Estes for our latest #DEArTalk session for July 2020.
Check out our interview below:

DE: What’s your name?
Samantha: Samantha Paris Estes

DE: Where are you from?
Samantha: Boston, MA, USA

DE: What is your art style?
Samantha: Abstract artist

DE: When did you begin your art journey?
Samantha: When I was kid around 7 years old

DE: Why did you decide to go the art route?
Samantha: I love art and felt it was something I naturally did

DE: Did you attend college or an art school?
Samantha: Yes, The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale

DE: Are you in college or an art school?
Samantha: No

DE: What motivates you to create?
Samantha: I need to. I get down if I’m not creating.

DE: What are your art goals?
Samantha: I would like to have my artwork in business such as offices, lobbies, hotels, restaurants, bars and people’s homes.

DE: Any upcoming events?
Samantha: Unfortunately, everything has been canceled this year.

Photography provided by Samantha Paris Estes

Follow Samantha on Instagram @artistcalledparis and visit her website at www.artistcalledparis.com!

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