#DEBlackHistory 2018 – #BlackBlogsMatter Challenge

Starting Thursday, February 01, 2018 we will begin our month long segment of #DEBlackHistory for February. One way we are keeping up with everything is by following along with the #BlackBlogsMatter Challenge with The Buzz on HR! This is a 28-day long social media challenge in which we will be posting daily about each theme given pertaining to Black History. But we are putting our own twist to this challenge. For each day’s theme, we will be releasing a new painting or illustration from DE! All artwork done during the challenge will be available for purchase, along with prints!
Check out each day’s theme below to join the fun!

Day 1: Business
Day 2: Writing/Authors
Day 3: Branding
Day 4: Politics
Day 5: Faith
Day 6: Sports
Day 7: Medical
Day 8: Beauty
Day 9: Money/Finance
Day 10: Art/Culture
Day 11: Lifestyle
Day 12: Technology
Day 13: Activism
Day 14: Black Love
Day 15: Parenting
Day 16: Food
Day 17: Web Design
Day 18: Entrepreneur
Day 19: Mental Health
Day 20: Fashion
Day 21: Entertainment
Day 22: CEO
Day 23: Podcasting
Day 24: Restauranteur
Day 25: Travel
Day 26: Home/Garden
Day 27: Fitness
Day 28: Recruiting/Hiring

This is a blogger challenge so feel free to take part in the festivities this year but make sure you give credit to The Buzz on HR for this amazing idea! We recommend that you get creative with it if you do decide to join and put your own twist to this Black History Month celebration with each daily prompt. You could do poetry, short stories, and even historical articles just to name a few! For our challenge, we will have brand new black art available for all of our readers to enjoy through display and/or by purchasing for your home, dorm room or even your office decor!

Things to Do Before the #DEBlackHistory Month Celebration Include:

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  2. Follow us on Instagram by clicking here. Even though this is a blogging challenge, you’ll be able to keep up with the challenge via Instagram as well for each new art piece.
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  5. Visit The Buzz on HR for the challenge prompts.

In case you missed it….

DEBlackHistory 2018

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