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The new hit television series of 2017 Atlanta created by Donald Glover was definitely a favorite for me. I was first introduced to the show by a close friend of mine, so I decided to join in on the fun and check it out for myself last year and I was not disappointed at all! The first thing that caught my attention with the series in the cover photo for it showing the main characters just standing straight up and down, awkwardly holding whole peaches in their mouths. Weird? Yes, I know but that made me what to watch the series myself and find out why there were grown men just standing there holding peaches in their mouths like that. From that detail alone, I knew it had to be funny right along with entertaining. Lets take a look at the cast and who plays what throughout the series below.

The Cast

Alfred ‘Paper Boi’

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Alfred or Paper Boi is played by award winning actor Brian Tyree Henry. He stars as a local rapper looking to gain stardom for his music. Seems to be your typical guy from the hood, known for doing a couple things illegally to get where he needs to be in life. Didn’t see much family around other than Ernest. No children, just him and Darius living together and really just having random adventures everyday…..literally. No like seriously, there was not one episode where Alfred clocked into work at all. He even said that he doesn’t work and gets his money elsewhere to pay the bills so he can have a roof over his head and food on the table. Things totally changed when his cousin comes around and requests to become his music manager which jump starts his career in the right direction.


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Earnest is played by the creator of the series himself, award winning actor Donald Glover. In the beginning of the series, Earnest is shown as this guy with a complete family under one roof. A beautiful woman, with a beautiful daughter….until that beautiful woman expressed how she was going on a date and would be in late and how Earnest had to watch his daughter until she got back home from that particular date…..but Earnest is living in the same house as she and their daughter. Yeah, their relationship is kind of messy on the low. Also Earnest’s living situation is kind of messy as well. His parents seemed to have kicked him out but they never really said why, but I did catch that Earnest once attended the college Princeton. I’m assuming his relationship with his parents stems from there somewhere. Earnest ends up linking up with Alfred and becomes his music manager, helping to push his career to new heights.


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Darius was the weirdest character of the show to me. He’s played by award winning actor Lakeith Stanfield. He seemed to be in his own little world throughout every daily adventure he had while hanging out with his bestfriend and roommate Alfred. He seemed to be more of a supportive factor than a manager for Alfred. I also never seen him going to work as well, so I assumed he made a living the same way Alfred did. One thing about Darius is that he smoked a lot and it often showed when he would have this crazy conspiracy theories, right along with these random illusions from time to time. Honestly, for me, Darius is the coolest person apart of the series. He brings the comedy and always lightens the mood during tough situations.


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Van is played by the beautiful Zazie Beetz. She is Earnest’s babymama….or girlfriend…..or significant other, whatever you want to call their relationship. She works as a school teacher by day and takes care of her daughter by night. She seems to be very independent to an extent when it comes to taking care of home. What I love about her role of course is her natural hair. Again, this series went against the typical beauty standards of society when it comes to her role and I love it!

Season 1 of this series, I would say, was a major hit. Can’t wait for season 2 to begin this year! Click the link below to find out when and at what time Season 2 for Atlanta will begin in 2018!

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