I Needed Color with Actor Jim Carrey

Recently finding out and learning that well known, award winning actor Jim Carey is not only a great actor, but an amazing painter has been very surprising and refreshing. I guess most of the time when we get so used to seeing a person as one way and one way only, we believe that is all they are into or all that they are interested in. Jim Carey has proved that notion wrong by opening himself up and allowing us to take a look at some of his artwork he has created overtime, along with explaining his views and reasons for creating art his way, his ties with religion and God’s image, healing methods and how color and love are his true ties to life and art.

Douglas, Keara. 2017. Insecure. 11×14 inch. Acrylic. | Douglas, Keara. 2017. Secure. 11×14 inch. Acrylic.

My favorite part of the film was where he explained how he needed color. He explained how color played and continues to play a bigger role in his life than first thought of. How color determines everything dealing with him and his emotions throughout time. When I heard that I instantly began to relate. My style of art is very bright. I love bright colors what can I say. Through time I never really knew why I loved bright colors so much but it always had something to do with my mood and emotional state at the time. Just like Carrey’s, you can always tell from the color of my paintings what I love, my inner life from the darkness of some as he stated, and you can tell what I want from the brightness of others. The colors of my paintings tell my life ultimately. When Carrey spoke on isolation being welcomed for him, well that is something else from him as an artist I can relate to. For most people, they are terrified of being alone. This comes to any activities from eating, to sleeping. They can’t live without that desire and feeling of wanting someone to want them even if it is temporary. I am not like that at all due to art. Isolation for me means more time to perfect my craft and in order for me to perfect my craft of painting, I need a calm and peaceful environment and vibe, so being alone is perfect for that. Who knows my vibe better than myself? This gives me time to concentrate on creating better artwork, than it means to be a punishment for me like for others.

The award winning actor also spoke on how he channeled his hurt from a heart break after a relationship he was apart of failed, similar to my article from last year with Life In A Pile where I spoke on How My Failed Relationship Made Me A Better Artist. Painting basically gave me a way to bounce back from getting what felt like to me, my heart shredded into pieces. This also gave me a new outlet for all problems at this point. I am now able to channel any anger I have into my paintings.  I love how Carrey touched on art being used as a healing method in which this situation was. Sort of like our DE ArTherapy sessions, it is a way of releasing yet controlling your emotions at the same time.

If you have not watched Jim Carrey’s mini documentary I Need Color yet, check it out by viewing the clip shown below. He features many of his paintings he has created over time and even while filming the clip as well! Press play and enjoy!

Jim Carrey: I Needed Color from JC on Vimeo

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