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My Cricut Story

Photography provided by @K_DougDE

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For today’s post, I want to highlight my Cricut Story and how I got started as a paid crafter. During the year of 2021 my main goal was to expand my creativity into different art forms. That included graphic and digital designs, paintings, and a variety of different crafts including wood, glass, ceramics, and papercrafts. I wanted to be able to offer more than one thing because I have always been interested in more than one thing. My second overall goal for 2021 was to improve on my own branding visuals and offer more promotional items to my supporters throughout each year.

Photography provided by @K_DougDE

I had my eye on the Cricut cutting machine around 2019 but never made a move to get one. I was skeptical about whether it lived up to the hype to be honest. I watched Youtube videos, social media tutorials, and other crafters use it first as sort of a product review for me before making my purchase. That purchasing time came during one random visit to Michaels Arts and Crafts where I found the Cricut Air Explore 2 on sale for $149 USD. That is the lowest price I have seen this particular model and version drop to so I took it as a sign it was time to purchase one. I got all the basic materials to create the products I wanted to sell. You can check out a video clip of my trip to Michaels Arts and Crafts on TikTok here. Most of the additional materials and tools I picked up were pretty much basics like an additional cutting mat, more vinyl colors, some cardstock for my papercraft ideas, and a lot more tools to use. I also got a squeegee but I didn’t get it from Michaels or Cricut, instead I found one in Dollar Tree for $1 USD so went with it and it was just as good.

So the first thing that I opted to create were these Mini Custom Notebooks.
The surface was flat so it gave me some time to build my experience with applying vinyl to cardstock. Soon after I created my first one, I began to receive multiple orders from business owners around the United States.

Next thing I decided to create with my Cricut were Custom Glass Ornaments.
I opted to go this route because the surface and material of them were the complete opposite of the Mini Custom Notebooks. Where the notebooks weren’t fragile, the glass ornaments were. The notebooks were also a flat surface, where as the glass ornaments were a round surface. I started with a couple different ornament styles individually and soon moved on to offer full sets for The Christmas holiday season.

Cricut affiliate partnership with Delux Designs (DE), LLC.

Since then Delux Designs (DE), LLC has become an affiliate partner for Cricut!
We are really excited about this latest partnership and have a ton of stuff and content coming soon.
Our Custom Mini Notebooks and Custom Ornament Sets have become two of my best sellers for Delux Designs (DE), LLC and we have intentions to provide more of these two items along with touching more on improving our brand visuals. So stay tuned for more product reviews and tutorials coming to our website and our social media pages especially Instagram and TikTok.

Disclaimer: Affiliate links have been included in this post in which Delux Designs (DE), LLC receives a commission from any sales made through this post. We assure you, the products featured through DE from product reviews are products that we recommend based off of our own personal experiences from using them.

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