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Second Trimester

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The second trimester of my pregnancy was to me the best trimester of my pregnancy journey overall. You know when they say a woman is pregnant she begins to glow? Well this is the trimester that it happened to me. If you don’t already know a full pregnancy term is nine (9) months in all which is broken down into three (3) trimester periods. The first trimester is the first three (3) months, second trimester is the middle three (3) months and the third and last trimester are the last three (3) months of your pregnancy. The middle half of my pregnancy was probably one of the most calm and happiest moments of the entire pregnancy, at least the beginning of the second trimester that is.

After a rough and bumpy pregnancy start, things began to smooth out for me. I didn’t have any more morning sickness at all (thank God!). I was able to begin eating fully throughout the day and setting up a strict eating schedule. This is where I went back onto my no pork diet fully and focused on the “rainbow diet”. I basically tried to eat as many foods in every color possible. For example, tomatoes for red, cabbage for green, lemons for yellow, just to name a few. It worked out for me in a great way. I was able to gain more energy overall by doing this along with increasing more water into my diet.

Stomach aches and cramps were eliminated altogether but I was more uncomfortable during this period due to the weight gain I was having consistently and my baby bump getting bigger over time. It was cute, but heavy. Due to my weight gain, my favorite clothes and shoes had to go into a temporary retirement. I couldn’t fit anything I owned anymore and had to go out and buy bigger stuff to fit my size. This was a good thing because what female does not like shopping, but emotionally bad for me because it became tough to find any clothes that I actually liked or that were apart of the style of clothes I liked in my size at the time.

My fatigue was up and down. Some days I was good and got enough sleep and other days it felt like I had not slept in days at a time. During this time period I was also working my 9-5 job while working for myself at 12 hour shifts per work day which didn’t make the fatigue part any better. The money was lovely and I was able to keep up with my hours, but over time the demand on my body became too much to handle so I had to take my leave from work in order to stay healthy. I’ll have another post on this later on throughout my pregnancy journey.

Surprisingly, I gained better relationships during this time period. I have connected with so many mothers from all over that I just feel better about the journey I am taking now. Before during the first trimester I just felt alone completely. Don’t get me wrong now there were some tough times during this trimester in which I’ll have another post about later on, but overall I didn’t have any issues with anyone directly anymore causing any problems for my pregnancy when it came to strictly platonic friendships. I felt more love and care and it helped me so much. I got great advice and pointers to help me out from those that literally came into my life on their own to help me out not only physically but also emotionally and mentally.

That feeling of being worried all the time sort of leveled out. I wasn’t panicking as much because I began to plan out my life moving forward literally on paper. I needed something to look up to, something to go by and a checklist to have in order to make sure I stayed on track for me and my child’s goals and this is the trimester that began. I believe this is what kept me going and helped me with adjusting better to the changes in my life. I set goals for us and started to check them off one by one, and have been doing this ever since.

My skin began to clear fully and began to literally brighten this trimester. I was able to start a facial regimen and of course cocoa butter became my best friend. I think not only were the prenatals a helping hand for my skin, but the fact that life began to be a little bit more peaceful for me due to the new relationships I was gaining and maintaining at that point as well. My water intake became the highest it has ever been which was flushing out old toxins from my skin as well. I was loving these new changes for me mentally and physically but of course you can never have the good without going through some sort of bad as well.

Now, this trimester was lovely but there is one thing that really overshadowed all the good. The one thing is called Prepartum Depression.

I’ll be back with updates on my third trimester and much more soon!

Disclaimer: All pregnancies are not the same and everyone doesn’t go through the same things. My pregnancy experience is not the same as anyone else’s. The views and statements made through #DEArtMom blog segment of Delux Designs (DE), LLC does not reflect the experiences and views of other women whom are or have been pregnant before. The statements and posts of this blog segment are not a reflection of any licensed physicians or doctors and should not be attempted or duplicated by anyone that is currently pregnant or trying to become pregnant. Always consult with your own physician or doctor before taking any medications or trying any pregnancy practices found online.

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