#DEMentalHealthMondays – JOYDayMovement

#DEMentalHealthMondays is a new mental health awareness segment of Delux Designs (DE), LLC that provides more resources, experiences and information on mental health awareness in the African American community. Some articles posted are from firsthand experiences, some are from professional viewpoints on the topic as a whole, and others are from fellow bloggers and organizations…… Continue reading #DEMentalHealthMondays – JOYDayMovement

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Reuniting With Yourself with JOYDayMovement

Goodmorning Everyone and Happy Monday! I know most of you are either just now waking up for the morning to begin this upcoming work week, or you’re just now coming in from your first night of work for this week. Most of us as a whole dread Mondays and I completely understand. I used to…… Continue reading Reuniting With Yourself with JOYDayMovement