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Third Trimester

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Wow! We are already at the third trimester!

What a rollercoaster pregnancy is.
I am now at the third trimester of my pregnancy and things have been crazy for this last three months. The second trimester was pretty chill but exciting. I began to first see the changes in my body then but now these third trimester changes have been completely different compared to then.

Body Changes

The roughest part of this last three months have been how much my body has changed overall. I knew I would gain weight but it hits home when it actually happens. I knew I would be tired but this is a type of fatigue I have never felt before in my life. A good tired though for a good cause. I knew my skin would stretch but I never knew it would and could stretch this much. Eating habits have changed but have still remained as healthy as possible, of course there are a couple ice cream trips here and there but overall I have been able to maintain a pretty healthy routine. Third trimester has the potential to cause a lot of swelling in which I have not been exempt from that at all. Feet and ankle swelling has begun which has kept me off my feet all together daily most of the day. Luckily, I have not had any issues with fluid build ups as of now. What I was not prepared for with my body are my internal organs moving around. Not literally floating around but more so my baby growing bigger and pushing my internal organs out of their normal places. It has become uncomfortable but bearable. Don’t worry they will go back into place once my baby is born it’s just new for me being a new mom.


The third trimester has definitely been way more emotional than the first two. The increase in hormonal activity, my body changes and other outside factors have mixed me into a combination of heavy mixed emotions daily. Today, I’m in a pretty good mood because I’m writing this post but other days have been quite rough. I spoke about my prepartum depression before which is still sort of going on now from time to time. Those are the days where I eat the most and most of the time those are my ice cream days but I typically bounce back and they only last for either a couple hours to one day, never multiple days back to back. Then I have the days where I feel like I need to clean everything. Those days can be very tiring because I have a desire to be up and about constantly washing clothes, cleaning rooms and even cleaning out my car. I’m not sure when those days started but they are referred to as nesting days and often happen in women during the third trimester when you’re closer to your due date. I use those days for throwing away old stuff like clothes, old paperwork from years past and anything that is taking up space that I can use once my baby is born. I even spend time cleaning off my computer of old files, documents and photos that no longer serve a purpose for me or my business as well. Another type of day I may have are the ones where I am just plain out exhausted. I won’t do anything but take the day to perform some self-care and mainly sleep all day long. I love those days but hate them at the same time. I’m used to being up and about and constantly doing something or working on something but it’s like my body is telling me to just chill literally…and there’s nothing wrong with that. I have learned through my emotions right now that there is nothing wrong with me resting and conserving energy before my little one gets here.


This is that trimester where I am constantly preparing for my baby’s arrival more than any of the other two. Constantly thinking of what I have and what I don’t have beforehand. Target and buybuyBaby have seen me so many times they probably know me by first name now. Unfortunately, I was one of the young mothers who was affected by the COVID-19 cancellations so I was not able to have a baby shower at all for my first born. This was devastating for me because of course every new mom looks forward to fellowship and fun with their very first baby shower. Fortunately, my support system is solid and real, they have been showering my baby in gifts almost daily to make up for it and it is so appreciated. If you’d like to give any type of baby gifts, check out my registry options by clicking here. This is also that stage where baby and hospital bag has been prepared ahead of time. During the third trimester you just never know when it is time for the baby to arrive so I keep my bags packed by the door and ready to go at any minute.

Welp, we don’t have too much longer and my baby will be here in my arms. Thank you to those who have supported me throughout this crazy time of pregnancy. I really appreciate your support and everything that everyone has done to help me along this crazy ride. I will soon be a first time mommy and most importantly an art mom!

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