Vibrant Art by Ariane

Delux Designs (DE), LLC sat down with Ariane Fine Arts for our first #DEArTalk session of the 2021 new year!
Check out her story & background on her art journey below.

Photography provided by @artby_ariane

Ariane of Ariane Fine Arts is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana but currently residing in Seattle, Washington while pursuing her art career.
She has been practicing art on and off for the last ten years, but recently began taking it serious during the global health pandemic that we all now know as covid-19. Even though covid has been a tough time for us all, it provided Ariane with a creative outlet during the pandemic lockdown.

What motivates Ariane to create her vibrant artwork is the fact that she is most called to create when there is a need to express or release emotions that are being bottled up or that she’s not able to show regularly through her 9-5 job. With this motivation, Ariane aspires and has a goal to be a full time artist in 5-10 years and own a studio/gallery.

Photography provided by @artby_ariane

Ariane’s vibrant artwork is an abstract style often created on stretched cotton canvas or paper. You can check out her work on her instagram page at @artby_ariane and on her official website here.

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