Welcome to Year 2023

Welcome to year 2023 with DE!

Wow it has been a little minute here since I have been able to just write a full blog post.
So much has changed in such a small time frame, but I’m not going to waste too much time with a long drawn out introduction, lets just get right to the point of this post.

First and foremost, my name is Keara Douglas, I am the owner and founder of Delux Designs (DE), LLC. DE was founded back in December of 2010 while I was an undergrad at the University of South Carolina-Upstate as a means to make money simply for additional food and other expenses as a young and ambitious student in college. My little hustle turned into a big hustle and then soon turned into a full blown licensed service that I have continued to love more than 10 years later.

With this 13 year time period, however, things have changed a lot since then and that’s the main purpose of this post to address these major changes taking place right now. As you all may already know if you’re subscribed to our email subscription list, I recently gave birth to my first child during 2020 in the middle of this crazy and heart breaking global pandemic we are all still fighting through. So my world has been just completely altered overnight to accommadate my new responsibilities as a mother and caregiver. This meant without hesitation that some sacrifices had to be made concerning the amount of time I had to place into myself, my child, and any endeavors I set out to achieve before becoming a first time mother which included some major changes for DE. Let’s talk about those changes below:

  1. DE now has a new email address we are now using, info@deluxds.com.
    We have a goal to eliminate messages from ending up in your spam or junk folders so by customizing our email domain this will help with this problem. If you do decide to still use our deluxds@yahoo.com email address that is fine, all of our messages will automatically forward over to this new address. Feel free to add our new address to your email address book for future reference.
  2. Graphic Design Services have ended.
    That is right, you are reading that correctly…..all DE Graphic Design services officially ended as of December 31, 2022 at 11:59pm EST. This was a very, very hard decision to make as this is the very first service that I began my business on. A number of factors led me to this decision including limited time to place into the quality of design work I was producing, too much pressure for what I refer to as microwave graphics done overnight with no thought put into the quality of what was being produced, a huge increase in poor quality clientele requesting graphics in short time frames, and an increase in DIY culture when it comes to the graphic design industry. At this point we are pivoting towards teaching graphic design methods and education to those who are interested in learning how to create their own designs for their own businesses and services moving forward. We have received great feedback with a desire for our upcoming courses, and are currently under going testing with what we are referring to as DE Beta Testers. More is to come for our upcoming DE E-Courses so stay tuned for those updates soon here on the site.
  3. #DEPaintandChill sessions are temporarily paused for the moment due to covid restrictions that are still in place for us. I want to make sure we are keeping everyone safe and with a peace of mind with our in person painting sessions and the only way we can effectively host them is physically in person, so those will be resumed at a later time. Again more updates will be posted on the site once those sessions have been resumed.
  4. A number of affiliation partnerships have either been discontinued or have run their course and ended so you may notice that within our Affiliates page here on the site. Some of the partners we were representing did not fit our views as a company, or did not align to what we are trying to do here with DE so we made sure to make the appropriate cuts in that area as well. On the other end of the spectrum, there will be some additions to our affiliate partnerships that are soon to be announced during the month of February 2023.
  5. We will be adding to our team for 2023, especially for our Facebook Groups. More information will be posted on that via Facebook and via email. Our Affiliate team will revamp as well with more material to promote and more consistency with promotions.
  6. Our sister site and brand DeluxHair is undergoing rebranding. New logo, new brand style, new posts, and new partnerships in which we are really excited about! If you’re not famailiar with DeluxHair, this is the sister brand and site of DE in which I created for women of color to travel along my journey as a natural hair influencer in blog and vlog form. This was a brand that I began as more of a hobby but on a personal note to show women of color that you can in fact wear your own natural hair confidently whether in public, the workplace, or anywhere that you choose to. This brand has since grown on it’s own with a complete team that pushes this great cause via social media daily naturally.

So far these are the most major changes we have going on with DE at this time.
Some are good and others are bittersweet but we here at DE believe in moving forward and doing what’s best for us and our brand so we are moving forward confidently with these changes immediately. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out either via email at info@deluxds.com or via phone call or text message to (803) 619-3725. Thanks so much for your continous support, I appreciate all of the love that is always shown to DE especially from those who have purchased any graphic design service from us, we truly do love and care about each and every one of you, thanks again!

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