DeluxHair – 8 Years on The Natural Hair Journey

The last time we spoke about my update on my natural hair journey was back during November of 2019. Close to about eight months ago. Right now, I am eight years along my natural hair journey. Above you can see my progress from February of 2018 to July of 2019 last year. In both photos I am wearing two strand mini twists.

For me, this ride began back during December of 2012 fully when I done my Big Chop. Since then I have begun to learn more about my own hair, what it likes and what it does not like. My reasoning for going the natural hair route is because for one I had a desire to learn about myself more, but I also wanted to see what exactly my hair looked like without being chemically straightened or altered. During the year of 2015, however, I was forced to do a transition after having my hair straightened so much with heat. During 2016 is the year I became fully natural and heat free for my hair.

Right now, I have cut back on a lot when it comes to my hair, especially how many hair products I tend to use on a regular basis. I noticed in the beginning my hair needed a lot of hair products in order for it to achieve it’s proper look for each style. Now, it doesn’t need as much which means I’m not using as much product throughout each week now, saving me money overall monthly. I began a heat steaming regimen with my natural routine during 2019 which has done wonders for reducing my breakage and shedding. My hair steamer of choice at the moment is my handheld one from Q-Redew. I’ve spoke about this steamer from time to time in other blog posts on product reviews and styling tutorials, but I’ll have a separate one soon specifically for Q-Redew so you can see how it works and how I fit it into my routine last year soon. The reason I began to steam my hair more is because I kept doing overnight conditioning treatments in which I thought would help my hair to become more curly and bring out more curl definition in my styles. But in turn I began to pick up on Hygral Fatigue and had to stop that routine all together. My styles were there but they were really lifeless and my hair became too mushy. Breakage began which brought on more shedding. I guess my hair didn’t like that form of conditioning or I was doing it too much for my hair’s liking.

Photography provided by @K_DougDE | Wash and Go | May 2020

A lot has happened in my personal life during the year of 2019 including my very first pregnancy. When I tell you this has changed my hair, it really has but it’s not all bad. I’ll have a seperate post coming up on that experience as well. But this has led to me establishing a more stable hair routine, with less styling weekly and more protection for length retainment. Above is a photo of my hair back during the month of May 2020 with a wash and go.

Favorite Products:

  1. Shampoo – Shea Moisture Power Greens with Moringa & Avocado
  2. Conditioner – Shea Moisture Power Greens with Moringa & Avocado
  3. Hair Rinse – Shea Moisture Power Greens Hair Tea Rinse with Moringa & Avocado
  4. Deep Conditioner – Shea Moisture Power Greens Reconstructor with Moringa & Avocado
  5. Leave In Conditioner – Shea Moisture Red Palm Oil & Cocoa Butter Rinse Out or Leave In Conditioner
  6. Oil – Blue Magic and Palmers
  7. Gel – Wet Line Xtreme Pro Styling Gel
  8. Curling Cream – African Pride Bounce Curling Cream
  9. Hair Mask – Carol’s Daughter Rhassoul Clay
  10. Foundation – MAC Cosmetics and Bobbi Brown Cosmetics
  11. Concealer – bareMinerals and Bobbi Brown Cosmetics
  12. Eye Shadow – Juvia’s Place
  13. Lipstick – Black Opal Beauty
  14. Facial Cleanser – Queens on Purpose Black Soap
  15. Facial Serum – Peach Lily Facial Oil Serum
  16. Lashes – Embelashes
  17. Body Lotion – Palmers Cocoa Butter

Favorite Hairstyle:

Mini Twists

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