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If you’re following our Instagram or Twitter pages, you already know about the great news we are here to share with you today! The DE Foundation is breaking ground this week! Not only are we big on art and natural hair, but we are also big on community engagement including charities and fundraisers.

To push our efforts of bringing awareness to different causes concerning our society, we are beginning our non-profit endeavors this month with The DE Foundation.
Previously, we only focused on educational awareness with Education Expo where we hosted a number of different back to school supply drives around the Carolinas.
Now, we intend on focusing on more than one cause with Delux Designs (DE), LLC including educational awareness, mental health awareness, and domestic violence awareness just to name a few for starters.

More information will be provided at a later date on different events, rallies and much more so stay tuned for all of the great news by subscribing to our blog site. To keep up with everything specifically concerning The DE Foundation, follow on Twitter and Instagram below as well!

Thanks so much for your support everyone, great things are coming!

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