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I recently, personally, had a bad experience with a Facebook group. It was your typical Facebook group where you join and “they” tell you that you can post as much as you want and promote your articles with no limits to how many posts you can make nor any restrictions on what type of content you can post and what not, but this just was not the case for myself I guess. As everyone knows, if you’ve been subscribed to my site for the last year, I am a VERY hard worker and I’m always working on something even when I’m not working. That applies not only to my design work and paintings, but also to my writings that are published daily. You often get a lot of posts from me on a regular basis. Some don’t mind and some do, just depends on your preference as a subscriber.

Well long story being short, I had to remove myself from the group due to not only the complaints of too many posts being published, but also the type of posts I was publishing. I’m not your typical blogger. I don’t post everything with glitter and pink shades of color. My posts are not always about makeup and traveling to these extravagant places all the time. Not that I knock those type of topics because I do post about them from time to time, but not on a regular basis. I often use my platform to bring awareness to either constant problems within the African American community, among women as a whole, and even some mainstream problems I have faced personally in my own lifetime. This is not to deter anyone or any race away, but to use my voice for a greater good instead of just doing things and posting things just because I can. With my variety of different topics published here, my blog site is not always everyone’s cup of tea which makes it hard for me to find groups that are diverse and open to me posting on a regular for networking purposes.

So, to counter this lack of resources and platforms available for open promotion for bloggers like myself, Delux Designs (DE), LLC has started our very own blogging support group courtesy of Facebook!

With Blogging with DE you are able to:

  • Promote your blog posts with no limits
  • Network with other bloggers
  • Join without a limitation of gender (yes fellas you are welcome!)
  • Post with no limitations on blog genre and topics
  • Have meaningful discussions on topics with one another
  • Be respected and taken serious as a blogger no matter your race, nationality or ethnicity (we are all equal here)
  • Learn from other’s cultures freely
  • Collab with other bloggers and build connections

Join Here

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Network!

  1. Wow. I’m so sorry you encountered that issue on FB. Good for you creating your own space. I’ll sign up and join. I’m definitely a fan of art AND issues in our community. I like realism, not glitter and gold all the time because quite frankly, that’s not reality. Look forward to seeing more of your content. 🙂

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