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#TheYearofNo – Day 1: Accepting Apologies

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Day 1 of #TheYearofNo Campaign is about Accepting Apologies.

We all mess up. That is life. We all know this. No one is perfect.
No matter how hard we try to be, not one person on this Earth is 100% perfect.
We will all make mistakes in life. What matters the most is how you handle those mistakes throughout your lifetime.

A normal, and sane, person who makes a mistake will realize what they have done wrong over time, fix it with an apology and move on with life. That is how it is supposed to go and that is how it should be. But there are times where things don’t go this smoothly and positive.

During 2019, we are saying no to accepting apologies that aren’t really apologies. 

A true and sincere apology should come with changed action afterwards.
What is the point of apologizing if you are just going to go back to the same actions that caused the initial problem in the first place. This stands for yourself and how you treat others, as well as other’s treatment towards you. A baseless apology is just that; baseless. It means nothing at the end of the day. I find myself often times receiving apologies for poor treatment throughout life. It happens. We don’t always get treated fairly and this pertains to everyone in which sometimes others have to come to you and right their wrongs. But it is the times where people would backtrack, apologize and then turn around and do the same exact things they have done before that causes bigger problems than the initial problem itself from the beginning.

For 2019, I will not be accepting baseless apologies from anyone or anything. Yes, God forgives. That has been written in the good book (the Bible) from the beginning of time. Yes, God wants you to be as he would be and forgive those whom have done wrong by you, but at the same time God has never instructed nor encouraged anyone to be stupid or naive. Have you ever heard the saying, “faith without work is dead”? That saying applies to this very topic. A person can say “I’m sorry” a million times but if the actions after the apology don’t align with what is being told to you, then what that person is saying does not matter. Actions will always speak louder than the words that are spoken to you daily. This also applies to how I personally treat others as well. 2019 is the year where I also become a bigger a person and apologize for my own wrongdoings, mean it and apply better actions after apologizing because what’s the use of requiring better treatment of yourself if you’re not going to treat others better. We must all practice what we preach no matter what and keep our word because word is bond.

Have you ever been faced with an apology that didn’t match up with the treatment you received after the apology? Let us know your thoughts on this topic by commenting below in the comment section at the bottom of this post.


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