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DeluxHair – BITE Beauty Prismatic Multistick Product Review

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Hello everyone! @K_DougDE back again for another product review.
This go around I had the opportunity to try out the BITE Beauty Prismatic Multistick which was mentioned and featured in last year’s New Year Product Haul. If you don’t know, a multi-stick is a cosmetic product that can pretty much be used for anything or in more than one way. With this review we focused on using it as a lipstick, lip color, lip stain, blush and even an eyeshadow.

Check out some looks I’ve done so far below:


img_2603Photography provided by @K_DougDE

One of the main things that I love about this particular brand and product is the packaging. The tiny box was so adorable and cute. Very nice color palette.
The container itself for the prisma multistick is so cool.
Most of he time with products in tubes like this, I have problems with the caps coming off while I’m traveling or just during the storage process overtime with my cosmetics. Great thing about BITE is that the cap is magnetic so it automatically snaps back into place after each use.
Cool huh?

img_2605Photography provided by @K_DougDE

Where did I get this from?

Well I was a lucky selection for a free multistick from BITE Beauty brand.
But you can purchase your very own BITE Beauty Prisma Multistick at any Sephora store in your area!

More product reviews will be posted soon on this brand!
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