#31DaysSheHeals – Day 17

Day 17: Write down three (3) things that you need to work on. Explain how you can make them better.
A17: Three things that I need to work on include better time management, more social engagements for my business/service, and ending self-sabotaging ways and doubts. For time management improvements, I have already begun scheduling my days out better. With me being back in school now, along with running a full time business, non-profit, hair care site, and bringing mental health awareness to communities around me, making sure I have a set schedule for everything daily and hourly is crucial especially with the holiday season coming up so fast right now. For more social engagements, I have already changed what type of events I will be attending from this point forward. If it is not something that will be a benefit to what I am doing, I tend to fall back on attending completely. I have already been through that stage in life where you can’t miss an event and have grown out of it. Now I search far and wide for events of substance, good times where I can actually learn something in life while networking. Lastly, getting out of self-sabotaging ways and letting go of self-doubt include me participating in activities that include my journal more now. Me taking part in bringing mental health awareness to the African American community around me has also helped towards this as well. This is something that will take time to fully achieve but I have been making a great start so far.

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