#31DaysSheHeals – Day 9

Day 9: Where are you playing small in your life?
A9: My love for hair. I’m known as the art girl but I have always been interested in hair. I remember sitting on the floor during my childhood, right in front of my grandmother who would be sitting in the chair behind me with a container of hair grease, a hair comb, a pack of rubber bands, and my favorite hair bows and beads in one big grocery bag. Now that grocery bag had all kinds of stuff in it of course other than the hair beads and bows. Included would be hair rollers, hair rolling papers, another comb, bobby pins… was considered her hair bag. I would sit and watch television while she greased my scalp and braided my hair every Sunday before each school week, best times ever. I would always ask her, Grandma! Show me how to braid my hair? From then I’ve always taken an interest in it. I remember wearing all types of hairstyles throughout my teen years like braids and other hairstyles …but in my own way including a bad decision to go with blonde, waist length micros lol. Hair to me is another art form in my eyes, another way to express yourself and your personality. I never really took it serious until I started having issues with my own hair, which pushed me more towards learning better hair care. I guess that’s where DeluxHair comes into play. Where I see it as me playing it small is because I never really talk about it compared to fine arts and graphic designs. This is one of my first times actually aspiring to pursue something in the hair field this year so we will see if things change in another year or so. 

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